Mixed up messages – Challenge 2

The Second Challenge from Cyber Discovery Assess

This challenge is the second of the challenges marked as easy and has this description.

“We’ve been tracking a small group of suspicious hackers on social media for a while. Their messages have been getting increasingly cryptic; so much so that all of the posts now look jumbled up and don’t seem to make any sense! There is an example below, which we believe contains a secret. Can you figure out what it is?”

Solution: The secret message is written backwards and just needs switching around to reveal the answer.

A simple python line in the shell can solve this one. In my example i used the “[::-1]” slicing trick on a string of the secret message. Make sure you use single quotation marks for the string as the secret message contains double quotation marks that would cause an error.

'Message here'[::-1]
The secret word is “commencealert” as show by the secret message

Once you have reversed the message it will read the following text below.

‘The time to launch our attack is now! Gather all resources and prepare. Commence plans when I post code word “commencealert“. Good luck!’

This means the flag for this challenge is “commencalert“.

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