Hello, world! – Challenge 1

The First Challenge from Cyber Discovery Assess

This challenge is marked as easy and comes with the following explanation.

“Below is an ‘About Me’ page for a well known hacker. Why would a hacker display all this information about himself? Good question! It seems the answer is: it’s all a red herring. However, there is one secret real way to contact him that he’s managed to inject on the page – a hidden email address. If you can find it, that’s the code you need to solve the challenge.”

Solution: To solve this challenge you have to highlight the page to reveal the hidden email address.

As you can see below the hidden email address is “387399874@myaboutpage.com” this is the flag for this challenge.

Just below the “send me an email” button is the flag

The flag for this challenge is “387399874@myaboutpage.com“.

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