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Auto Missions

This Bookmarklet lets your automaticaly run your missions every 10 minutes in your browser.
You need 8 or more castels to use this Mission Automation Script
When this script is running if you continue playing Lords & Knights or login from another device. This will stop the bot

How To? Automatic Missions ‚ÜźDrag Me
  1. Click and drag the link above to your Bookmark Bar this will add the Script to your browser
  2. Load up Lords & Knights on your computer (you must be using the new browser version)
  3. Click on to the "Mass Missons" button
  4. Then click "Carry out mission"
  5. Make sure the areas labled green say "Select all Castles/Fortresses"
  6. Once your page look like the image below click on the Bookmark you saved earlier to start the Mission Automation Script

For more help about adding Bookmarklets
This Script has been tested with Chrome but should work with anyother browser that runs Lords & Knihgts