Lords and Knights - Is It A Silver Attack?

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Could it be a sliver attack?

You can use this tool to calculate wether the attacking troops can carry enough silver to capture your castle.
If they dont then you can safely remove your troops let them take your resources and leave.

Your castle under attack is a:

Attacker Information

(if multiple players are attacking use the lowest players information)

Is land reform on?

Land reform means Castles & Fortresses cost 50% silver

How many troops are attacking?

Use the amount of troops that arrived before the first round. If any support has arrived add those troops to the troops that arrived before round one

Nordic Archer:
Armoured Horseman:
Lancer Horseman:
Axe Rider:
Hand Cart:
Ox Cart:

If the troops cant hold enough silver to capture your castle then you can move your troops out and let the
attacker steal some of your resources. Warning! If reinforcments arrive then you must do this again