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Fake Message Maker

This tool allows you to create a fake message that looks 100% genuine
And dont worry i can tell if a message is forged so no one can ever use it againt us

How To?
  1. Select how many lines you want
  2. Scroll down to the form at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill in the form with the required details
  4. Press "Create Message"
Screen Shot

Windows = FN + PRT SC
Ios = Power Button + Home Button
Android = Sleep + Volume Down

How many lines?

Each line is 59 characters long

Once page loads scroll down to change message

One Line
Two Lines
Three Lines
Four Lines
Five Lines
Six Lines
Seven Lines
Eight Lines
Nine Lines
Ten Lines
Eleven Lines
Twelve Lines
Thirteen Lines
Fourteen Lines
Fifteen Lines
Sixteen Lines